AMTA Linking Policy

1. AMTA may offer reciprocal links to chapters, individual members or member massage schools, affiliated organizations, and/or specific health care and alternative health care sites that are not commercial in nature;

2. AMTA chapters, individual members and member massage schools who have a website shall be allowed to list a link to their individual sites on the AMTA website;

3. AMTA will not allow the "AMTA Logo" to be used as a link at any time and on any site to link to;

4. Both member and non-member advertisers and participants in AMTA media opportunities will be allowed to offer their links on the AMTA website in conjunction with advertising they are purchasing;

5. AMTA shall have the right to refuse a link to the AMTA website by organizations or individuals not in compliance with the AMTA mission and Code of Ethics and AMTA Advertising Policies; and

6. Chapter websites shall link to the national AMTA website and AMTA's Find A Massage Therapist® online national locator service in place of publishing their own directories of members.

Linking to AMTA's Website

Here are graphics that you can use for your web page and/or website that will link viewers to the AMTA website.


Linking to AMTA's Find A Massage Therapist

Here is a graphic you can use for your web page or website that will link viewers to

To obtain these banners for your use, right click over the graphic to display a selection menu.  If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer choose the "Save Picture As" or for Firefox users the option is "Save Image As". This will open a menu prompting you to save to a location on your computer.

You may also choose (from the same selection menu) the "Copy" option and "Paste" the images with the same results. 

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