Massage Therapy Journal

Spring 2019

Current issue: Spring 2019

Integrative Health Care + Massage Therapy

What today's research is saying about integrative health care and the role of massage therapy in helping relieve symptoms of many chronic health conditions.

When It's You Who is in Chronic Pain
Feb 1, 2019
Chronic conditions like osteoarthritis don't have to mean the end of your career as a massage therapist, but you may have to change the way you practice.
Common Reasons Massage Therapists Face Injuries
Nov 7, 2018
How to assess and reduce your risk of injury.
Massage + Orthopedic Pathologies
Nov 6, 2018
Massage therapy's versatility is pivotal when used in combination with surgery or as a stand-alone treatment.
May the Force Be With You
Nov 7, 2018
Use your body weight and focused breathing to strengthen self-care and career longevity.
Research: Is Acupressure an Effective Form of Self-Care?
Nov 7, 2018
What the studies tell us about acupressure being an effective form of self-care.
Client Outreach: Massage Therapy + Acute Coronary Syndrome
Nov 7, 2018
Hand and foot massage can benefit patients with ACS by lowering anxiety.
True Tales: Case Study Spotlight
Feb 20, 2019
Massage therapy for autism spectrum disorder


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